Corporate Services

Whilst NWS provide a wide range of services and activities to build much needed physical emotional and social health and wellbeing in the Aboriginal community, we also work closely with corporate and community organisations to ensure wellbeing prevails within the workplace as well. 
Modern organisations recognise that it is important to invest in staff development, including team cohesiveness, cultural awareness and health and wellbeing.
NWS can arrange to deliver Traditional Indigenous Games, Team Building, Cultural Awareness and wellbeing programs. These programs are delivered by a team of professional, trained Sports Development, Community Development and Health Promotion Officers.
Traditional Indigenous Games
There are over 140 Traditional Indigenous Games, which have been developed from various activity-based games that have been played by various Aboriginal tribes across Australia, for thousands of years.


NWS have been delivering Traditional Indigenous Games since 2007. We offer your staff, clients and professional network a truly unique physical, healthy team-building experience that is fun, challenging and memorable. In addition these games increase knowledge of Aboriginal culture and promote reconciliation, through fun-filled, active team-based activities.

Traditional Indigenous Games can be played both indoors or outdoors and suitable for all ages and fitness levels and group sizes.
Team Building

As well as Traditional Indigenous Games, NWS have a wide range of fun, engaging and interactive activities suited to various group sizes and ages. They are a fantastic alternative or addition to your next Christmas party, strategic planning day or other group event, giving staff the opportunity to have fun, be active and try something new whilst also building team cohesion.


Cultural Awareness
If your company or organisation has a cultural awareness program we can provide physical activities to break up in-class training. NWS can deliver a variety of Traditional Indigenous Games to enhance learning and build reconciliation through fun and physical activity.

Wellness Programs
NWS provides a variety of services to support your community wellness/wellbeing programs, in line with your objectives arund reducing health risks, improving quality of life and enhancing personal development and productivity.
We offer a flexible approach to program format, content and delivery and can deliver any of the following services:
  • Boxing for health
  • Traditional Indigenous Games
  • Nutrition classes
  • Other physical based programs


The NWS team can work with youeither at a one off event or weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightlyor monthly, if you are unsure please ask and we can advise.


What's in it for you

Benefits include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Less absenteeism
  • Positively engaged workforce
  • Retaining talent

By booking NWS to work with your company, organisation or at your event you are:

  • Providing social interaction, team building and comradery
  • Enhancing physical health and wellbeing
  • Increased cultural awareness
  • Promoting reconciliation
  • Supporting an outstanding Aboriginal charity

You'll receive:

  • Consultation with NWS to discuss your requirements and aims
  • Quality program delivery
  • Partnership with a well-respected Aboriginal organisation

All monies received by these services go towards supporting our community programs and help us build the overall health and wellbeing in the Nyoongar community through active recreation, sport and health lifestyles.


You can also view and download the NWS Corporate Services leaflet here, it  contains all of this information for to share with your company or organisation. 

For more information contact Business Development Manager, Carly Tracy, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Another wonderful, successful NWS July Regional School Holiday Program!

A record number of 500 young people participated with over 93% Aboriginal representation. Huge numbers also attended sessions in Merredin (41) and Bunbury (71).Thanks everyone for coming along and making it such a wonderful, fun, healthy occasion.

Young people enjoyed Traditional Indigenous Games and other sports in 20 workshops across 16 towns in the South West and Wheatbelt.

For the first time, the program also included some BeatBox workshops by Benny B Jammin’. Young people loved the experience of getting into raps they had written themselves and matching them to the beat.

A big thank you goes to the program’s sponsorsDepartment of Prime Minister and Cabinet. We are also grateful to the many local partners who assisted with venues, healthy tucker and hands-on support. They include Avon Youth, Merredin College, Harvey Recreation & Cultural Centre, YMCA, PCYC, Southwest Aboriginal Medical Service, Community Home Care, KAATA Narrogin and the Shires of Beverley, Brookton, Busselton, Katanning, Kellerberrin, Kondinin, Moora, Narrogin, Pingelly, Quairading and Wagin.

We look forward to another great Regional School Holiday Program at the end of Term 3!

NWS Staff Celebrated

NWS are very proud of all our staff. They are passionate about increasing Nyoongar people’s health and wellbeing, resilience and connection to culture, through sport, other physical activity, mentoring and support.

Tilman Lowe, one of our Senior Sports Development Officers, was recently recognised with the 2016 Emerging Leader Award from Parks and Leisure Australia (WA).

Congratulations Tilly!

NWS deliver meditation to Rivervale Seniors

For the past 2 years NWS have been working alongside Arche Health at the Rivervale Seniors Program, providing physical and mental health activities in order to improve the health and wellbeing of participants.


NWS recently decided to start meditation with the seniors as it is a great way to keep mentally fit and to relax the body.

Meditation is said to be “The Fountain of Youth” for seniors with benefits such as;

-Helps with Memory

-Makes the digestive system work better

-Activates the happy part of the brain

-Sharpens and focuses the mind

-Melts away stress, yielding many great benefits.


After our first session the group stated “they really enjoyed the meditation and also felt calm and focused”.


Once the meditation is complete we move onto basic stretches for the muscles and joints. As mobility can be an issue for some, we have modified our exercises to suit all.

The exercises are done from a seated position, but give the option to stand for those who can do so comfortably.

The benefits of doing these exercises and stretches not only improve function in older adults, but it can actually reverse some of the muscle loss and deterioration associated with aging.